May 9, 2011

Hi! Welcome to our Paris trip! [Move mouse over pictures to read captions.]

                   Living Room Bess and Vicki arrive at the apartment on Rue de Palestine in the Belleville neighborhood  at about noon.   Our hosts, Marieke and Andrew, were warm and welcoming and provided us with tips on neighborhood amenities and guidebooks – and coffee – and then they took off for their trip to Germany.  We rested and puttered through the afternoon (look at the view from our balcony!)  , and then headed to the Metro for our first trip to the Seine.  Objective:  Batobus (river taxi) down the Seine          from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower.  Oh, my.  There it is!           We inspect from all angles:    

  Then, back to Notre Dame (see our header for the outside view) for a peek inside.

Tired, but still bedazzled, we walked the Ile de la Cite, the heart of Paris since the Parisii settled there in around 200 BC.         Later, in our neighborhood, there were no “recommended” restaurants open on this Monday night, but we found a charming – and Thai-speaking! – restaurant, Valentin, Valentin, Restaurant à Paris  in which we enjoyed a French/Thai fusion sort of meal.   Mussels and fries and – larb!  Fantastic.  And then a long sleep in our beautiful apartment. . . . . . . .

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